Descriptive Essay: Baseball Practice Day

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It was the second week of March on a Wednesday which is baseball practice day.
Me and some of the other teammates were wearing our black Diamond-Back shirt. “Okay guys,A it’s 5:45, start warming up,” my coach yelled. As I went for a ball our other coach, coach Antonio, handed out the bales to us. Once I had a ball I asked one of my teammates, Isiah, if he wanted to play catch and he said sure. So we started warming up and he threw a ball that I missed. I went for it and as I came back, I slipped and twisted my foot. I paused. I grabbed my right leg while wincing in pain. The right side of my foot felt like a kangaroo kicked it. “Oh mother pooper,” I slightly yelled. Isaiah came to me. “Are you okay?” He asked. “No, I twisted my foot and it hurts really bad on the right side,” I told him, “It feels like an aching pain right in the middle on the right side.” “Should I go get the coach?” He asked. “No, I’ll be fine,” I said. For half of the practice, I did our drills with an aching pain in my foot. When it came to running the bases, that’s when my coach noticed me limping around the bases.
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I started running the field and about a third of the way there, my face filled with tears because the pain was starting to become unbearable from running. About half way, I was still crying and I collapsed in the grass because my foot hurt so bad. My coach had called my grandpa. When he came to the baseball field, he was a bull. He started yelling at my coach asking why he made me run even though I was limping. Meanwhile, I was sitting on the bleachers with my foot aching in pain. Later, about a few days, I went to the doctor for an x-ray on my foot. They said I had a fracture in the fifth
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