Descriptive Essay 'Boys' Dorm

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Boys Dorm is a beautiful place. You walk up the 3 concrete steps and onto the wooden front porch. The wood, although it has been weathered away by storms and saltwater for years, is a medium-dark brown and has not quite yet begun to splinter. The front door on the other hand looks antique compared to the rest of the exterior. Its rusty metal frame creaks open as you walk into the common room. one three seater couch, one four seater couch, one two seater couch, and one single person couch -- arranged in a circle around a couple tables in the center of the room. While the interior is naturally dull with white walls and a unfinished wooden ceiling with rafters, there are posters, American and Bahamian flags and other miscellaneous items that…show more content…
However once you spend a little time in it and around the people who call it home you can see how incredibly special it is. It is a place where 24 boys from all across the country who left their lives at home to be a part of something and try something new. They all took a risk to be a part of this community and they have started a new chapter in their lives in order to learn and gain a plethora of life changing experiences. Many of the guys are very different and even clashing personalities but every single one calls this run down building their home and all the other boys their brothers. Each kid brings their own piece to the building and contributes to its homey feel. The posters on the wall, the pictures of family, and all of the stuff strewn around all show how incredibly special this place is.

In the common room boys are preparing for class on their computers, tossing a football, chatting, and shredding on the longboard through an obstacle course constructed by couches placed throughout the room. The laughter and laid back attitude in this room is contagious. It is impossible to walk into this room and not at least crack a smile as you say hi to your friends and see what is going on in the dorm. Out on the back porch kids are chilling in hammocks and on benches just enjoying what was going on around
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