Descriptive Essay: California

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“California… knows how to party… In the citaaaaay of L.A.” (Tupac). The place with plenty of sunshine and good weather, catering to the most diversity of people with its food, shops, and culture; California is one of my favorite places to be. There are beaches, forests, mountains, and deserts; however, what makes California the best are its beaches. There is Venice - the beach with the boardwalk, Santa Monica - the beach with the pier, and Malibu - the beach with the cliffs.
Beginning with me walking along the streets of Venice. As the sun protrudes through the earth’s atmosphere onto my fair skin, allowing my pores to open so my sweat can tranquilize my warm body, I look to the right and to the left of me and see the colorful sun-dried buildings, which sold beachwear, sunglasses, souvenirs, and snacks. Surrounding the sun-dried
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Santa Monica beach is the beach with the pier where you can play arcade games or ride the Ferris wheel. I would rest my arms along the wooden pier and look across the ongoing stretch of blue. As I rest my body I would feel the non-stop, gentle, intoxicating breeze from the sea blow through my hair relaxing my whole body. Like a sponge I soak up the sun and listen to the many sounds the beach had to offer. In the background I could hear people laughter and the ongoing sounds of techno music from the arcades of the pier. I look to the right of me and see the seagulls flying up and down as the water hits the shore, brushing up tons of seashells. The ocean would leave shells of different shapes and sizes penetrated in the sand for the kids along the beach line could collect. I watch and hear the children laughter and excitement as they found the shells brushed up on the sand and chase many of the seagulls away. Santa Monica beach pier gives a serene experience in
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