Descriptive Essay Chicago

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When it is spring break me and my family always go to Chicago. We stay at this big
Hotel where there is a hot tub and it is a great place to go even though I see everything there but
Last year i went to watch a soccer game in the stadium and i seen myself on Tv it was a great a experience i don’t like going to Chicago every year but at the same time i do cause i don’t like being in Michigan all the year it gets very boring. My fav thing of chicago is the Skydeck in chicago we go there every time we also go to Cheesecake factory,Hershey 's store the mall and we go to the candy store. In chicago there is a lot of traffic
And it is always busy there is always cars beeping and i don’t like that where the hotel is the mall is next to it and the street so it’s always noisy the food is so good.

When i go to chicago we visit my family that we have over there and we also go
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I like it there and it’s very windy it’s a great place to be in very fun i love taking pictures there and the ice cream shops are the best. N the cheesecake is the best i love going to
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