Descriptive Essay: Clifton High School

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The next Monday morning, Roy woke up believing it was going to be a normal day. He expected classes all day, practice, and work at the movie theatre later that night. He arrived at school, with the principal chasing him down in the hallway. “Roy! Wait up! Could you do me a favor?” The principal finally caught up to Roy. “There’s a new student in your grade today. I figured we’d have Clifton High’s best student show her around for the day. Is that okay with you?” “I suppose I can. Where is the new kid?” “Roy, this is Danielle Monrow. She just moved here from New York.” A short, pale girl walked up. She was wearing dark clothes and had a careless look on her face. “Nice to meet you, I am Roy Williams, quarterback of the football team, if you didn’t know,” Roy said as he stood with his chest pushed out and flipping his hair.…show more content…
I guess you are going to be showing me around today.” Danielle crossed her arms as she leaned to one side, popping her hip. “My first class is AP Literature,” Danielle said with a confident aire. Roy felt an immediate attraction to her intelligent eyes. “Awesome so do I!” Roy looked at Danielle’s schedule and noticed they had the exact same schedule, with the exception of one class. “Oh wow, looks like we’ll be going to the same classes all day, besides 7th period. But I’ll still show you to your welding class.” “Oh how great. I get the honor of having the most popular guy in the school show me around today, and I get to see him in all my classes everyday, too.” Danielle rolled her eyes and looked away. “So my mom says I need to get a job, is there anywhere in this lame town that is hiring right now?” “Yeah actually the movie theatre is. I hear they pay pretty well and have a lot of benefits,
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