Descriptive Essay: Coming Of Age Narrative

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Coming of Age Narrative Rough Draft

She woke up in a soft, flannel cot. Her digital alarm clock droned on and on, but she didn’t hear it; she didn’t care. She slammed it to stop buzzing and hopped out of bed. Pressing her hand against her window, she looked out to see a snowy winter day. Frost caked her neighbor’s roofs. She quickly threw some jeans and a fluorescent long sleeve. She snatched all her papers and threw them into her binder and grabbed her bag. She hastily brushed her teeth and walked over to her brother’s room. “I’m done in the bathroom, you can use it now,” she said as she turned on the lights. The vibrant green of her brother’s wallpaper almost blinded her. Soon, all the lights were on. “Okay, okay, Heather. Just go downstairs and eat breakfast or something,” Gavin mumbled as he pulled his covers over his head. “Whatever, Gavin, but get up, or we’ll be late!” Heather hollered as she walked down the stairs into
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As soon as the bell rang, school commenced again. She moved through the rest of her day with ease. What a boring day, she thought. True, it was her sixteenth birthday, but she wasn’t excited for school. She was excited for something after school. “How was school?” Gavin hopped into the driver’s seat as Heather put her backpack in the Sudan. “Wasn’t too different. It was the same, like every other day,” she replied. She slid into the passenger seat and buckled up. Gavin waited to start the car. The parking lot got as packed as a sardine can; the traffic was insane. It also didn’t help that the roads were slippery. “How much homework do you have?” Gavin turned the ignition and the Chevy came to live. It rumbled as he drove it cautiously out of the parking lot. The drive was as quick as it was in the morning. She answered her mom’s questions about school as she went through the motions of every day. She did her homework and read her book, waiting for her dad to come

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