Descriptive Essay: Daembus Path

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Daembus Path

Madison enjoys writing, cooking pasta, and long walks on the beach. She plays a variety of sports and likes to draw a variety of things.
I remember walking down this pathway every day, to and from school. The soft, tickling breeze moved the branches and leaves in a graceful motion. Snow would dance down the air to land on the white, frozen ground. A strong scent of pine was always in the air, engulfing my senses and calming my mind of racing thoughts as I made the long trek.
The walkway was a peaceful journey, something I looked forward to every day as I wondered what animals would cross my path.
One time, I saw a family of rabbits travelling along, a group of galloping deer following close behind.
Whenever I was feeling anxious or angry, I would just visit the thin path and walk back and forth, for
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The sticky liquid drips down your skin, free-falling to then mix with the dirt and snow to create a strange colour, almost like a dark maroon.
The chilling breeze freezes your sweat as you run, causing your body to ache as you move faster. Your mind keeps you warm enough, though; since it is constantly placing paranoia in your head, making your heart race and blood boil. It makes you fear everything: passing trees, rocks on the ground, and every turn you take.
You run to find no end. The swirl of overgrown paths and uprooted trees makes the path relate more to an obstacle course bred with a maze than a simple shortcut through the forest.
Creatures are no longer sought after, as they include enormous beasts with teeth long and strong enough to sink straight through your arm. Owls mock your screams as the wind laughs at your hardships. The continuous whistle makes your ears ring and drives you to the brink of insanity, the sound making the idea of scraping your own skin appear
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