Descriptive Essay: Dialogues About Mobile Phones

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10. A dialogue between myself and my friend Badal about mobile phone. Myself : Hello Badal. how are you? Badal : I 'm fine Zuber. What 's about you? Myself : I 'm o.k. I want to talk to you about the mobile phone. Badal : Everybody knows about the usefulness and benefits of mobile phone. It 's a wonderful invention modern science. Myself : Yes, I know it has added a new dimension to our life and communcation system. But is it an unmixed blessing? Badal : There are so many benefits of a mobile phone that I can not think of any demerit of it. Now within seconds communication can be made with the people living in distant places through this wonderful invention. Myself : Do you know that mobile phone can cause dangerous diseases? Badal : What dangerous disease can be caused? Myself : Scientists have recently discovered that mobile phone can cause cancer to the users. Badal : Is there any other demerit of mobile Phone. Myself : Yes, by using mobile phone, terrorists and criminals carry on with their evil desires and commit crimes without much difficulty. Badal : You are right. I never thought of these drawbacks. Myself : Though there are some demerits of mobile phone, it is useful to the people of all professions in communicating with people at home and abroad. Badal : Thank you very much for giving me such valuable information about mobile phone. Myself : You 're welcome. 11. Mr. Robert is an American. He has come to Bangladesh for the first time. He does not know about the bus

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