Personal Narrative: My Summer Day

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The soft wind danced its way through the city suburbs, nudging another lifeless, amber leaf gently from a withered oak tree towards the deep carpet of rusty, reds and russets. Anxious commuters with furrowed faces buried into their raincoat were rushing towards the subway seeking refuge from the blustery day panicking to get to work on time. No one was smiling, no one could. The sunny welcoming summer mornings had gone; leaving behind a deep sense of nostalgia floating amongst the dying remnants of warm summer days. The gentle chaos of autumn, spread throughout the leafy suburbs, winding around the tall grey buildings finally settling in the large penthouse apartment of a historic listed block. The tawny browns and red reflection of trees filtered through the tall french windows onto the heavy shelves of worn academic journals and novels crowding the walls of the huge East Side studio which overlooked Central Park. The pale orange colour of the…show more content…
Her eye was unwillingly drawn towards the crowded bookshelf and upon a delicately framed yellowing image. She was quick to dismiss a tear that threatened to spill as she reminisced the joy of summers past. Her parents watching as two identical girls throwing piles of autumn leaves up into the air with total abandon. It had been taken after her graduation ceremony before a similar storm had ripped through the city and their car had fatefully overturned by the hurricane. With her slow deep breaths in tune with the silence of the aftermath, the cobbled clouds had turned a deep ashen colour with light rain gently drizzling with calming ‘pitter-patter’ sounds echoing between the buildings. Gentle droplets of water fell, glistening gracefully from the sky like diamonds from a jewelry purse. Mika was calm yet unsure whether it was her teary eyes or the rain that blurred the outlines of the sharp, skyline city
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