Descriptive Essay

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The sky was so pale. With not one cloud in sight. It had rained before, the clouds cried their hearts out today. Their not so silent screams could be heard through out the town. But there was one positive outcome. Everything in the park now looked clean,Fresh. The birds were singing happily. Some were bathing in the bird dish.The once dried up flowers and trees were now fresh and colourful.It was like the once dead environment got a dash of colour and came to live. Isn 't it weird that how someone 's cry benefits the other. Very similar to the human life. I could see children playing on the swings. They looked so happy. They were oblivious to the world 's problems. They couldn 't care less. I wish I was a little kid too. Playing in the mud. Not caring about anything. They were pushing and playing and shouting. Mom 's sitting in the far corner were chatting about how Christine 's husband bought her a new diamond ring from Turkey. Me? I was sitting behind a bunch of trees observing everyone. Now and then I 'll greet someone jogging by.Wondering why im such a soul-less depressed creature? Well, Greetings I 'm Zoe Allison Trainer. 16 and a free spirit with a dream to travel around the world.The usual.I don 't seem too bad now do I? But wait till you hear this. I was only 5 when I was diagnosed with leukemia. My Father worked two jobs just to pay the rents and for my treatment until one day he thought he didn 't need a dying daughter.He couldn 't handle more so he did what
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