Descriptive Essay

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As the alarm clock wakes me from my sleep, I am laying in bed thinking about the night that will be happening. As I roll out of bed, I take a quick glance outside. It is 8 o’clock in the morning, birds are singing while the sun is shining. As I walk downstairs to see my family there was no one in sight, i’m thinking to myself “where is everyone at”? I walk around the house calling to see if anyone was home “it is 8 o’clock in the morning where could everyone be at this time of day”? No one was in sight, I called my brother asking where he was, no answer was received, after I called my mom no answer was received, but the last and final call was to my dad still was no answer being received. I am starting to get a little worried thinking “ did everything start early”? As i think to myself there is no way that everything has started this early. I go upstairs back to my room and gather everything that will be used for tonight, as I am thinking to myself that this night will be a great night to be doing this, I also think that I can not believe that I am doing this. I´m gathering all of the weapons thinking why? Why would I be doing this? Main reason could be survival, man for man for instance. I go to grab my phone from downstairs and call my friend. As the phone is ringing I take a look outside, and I notice something very suspicious that was by a tree that has never been there before. I take a while looking at the tree thinking to myself ¨what is that¨? As I am looking it
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