Descriptive Essay: The Sound Of Silence

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The sound of silence. None to be heard, none to be seen. Hollow wards ring with an abnormal sense of quietude, while clear IV drip bags dangled solemnly as they hung above. There was not a sound of life around me; Not the sound of bells, the sound of voices...... it wasn’t any of those, nor was it a norm. The cold marble ground seemed to move as my eyes drifted towards all bearings, head throbbing as flashes hindered my sight, dizziness striking like a five-ton mallet. Cold beads of sweat trickled down my jaw, chills running down as blue breezes blew past my bare back, and the solemn serenity rang through the void, filling me with utmost unease. Something was amiss, and silence was my verdict. The truth was painfully obvious- I was alone. As I searched for enlightenment, the sun’s warm rays pierced my skin, creating variance by the dark, frigid shadows cast from tall buildings that towered above. The endless ringing in my ears were a warning; the constant whispers of the wind brushing past my ear, sending chills down my spine, and the imminence of dawn that seemed to come so soon, they were a sign. The stalls at the…show more content…
Its underhanded methods, with life dancing within its spiteful palm as it mocked existence and purpose which with this I had lost. The roots of my fear sprawled out from my feet, its malign claws digging into the walls of my shattered heart, my tears overflowing from my lashes to chin, streaming as I groveled to the ground, falling victim to my own beguiling despair. The skies, they rumbled. The grounds, they quaked. The leaves, they fluttered, landing discreetly with a rustle, and the birds sang their grim melody from a distance away. I stood up, looking around, dire desperation overwhelming all sense of rationality within my mind, taking over my limbs and my

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