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I awoke to the sound of birds chirping. I gazed out of the window – if only for a moment; the city was all I longed to see. The igneous sun scattered its light upon the colossal city, enveloping a plethora of the towering buildings in its warmth. I admired the long smooth black tar roads; each road teeming with slick black cars descending to coil around the gargantuan buildings like a snake, before their ends were swallowed by the darkness of the buildings’ shadows. Meanwhile, I imagined my friends walking up to their cars, far below the towering buildings – both of them were rich, and owned luxurious cars – The Rolls Royce Phantom and the Bugatti Veyron. The cars had unnecessarily grim features: two front crystalline headlights, a thick coat of paint and all the other mechanics. The Rolls Royce Phantom took on a hexagonal shape with sharp pointed bumpers. On the other hand, the Bugatti Veyron took on an octagonal shape, with each vertex directly opposite to the other to increase the surface area of the car’s overheating protection. These menacing features were trained to accelerate the cars swifter, softer and quieter than the wind. Although the cars came in a wide heterogeneity of colors, my friends chose the mundane color on the list – black. They could have picked anything from colors that were as sapphire blue as ocean ripples, or as flaming red, as the earth’s angry core. Then, as I glanced past the cars, the marvelous architecture of the city came into view. Just as

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