Descriptive Essay

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As I looked outside of the window, passing through white cotton clouds, I spotted, an island surrounded by crystal-clear blue water. While I was walking off the airport, I could feel the beat of my heart pounding so hard as I was excited. In front of me were different types of boats, there were speedboats, wooden boats and big yachts; the land was so bright as the sun was right in the middle of the sky, which made the air so hot. The curly waves were shining like diamonds by the bright sunlight. The boat was so fast as the salty seawater kept splashing on my face. I could barely see the island from where I was at the moment but as I got closer, the landscape became clearer.
The boat slowed down. The sky was as blue as the colour of the ocean with different forms of clouds. I stepped out of the boat, placed my feet on the soft golden sand, I felt like I was walking on cotton. It was so beautiful that I thought it was a dream. The island was filled by different kinds of colourful flowers with those open umbrellas that they call palm trees. While I was walking to the room, birds were singing like if they were an orchestra, one started and the others followed. They had a really loud and sharp sound. The wooden bungalows were lined up above the tranquil greenish-blue lagoon. I walked down the staircase, which leads me to the cool ocean water, which flows under the bungalow. There were small sharks swimming, propelling themselves through
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