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Sadie Gardner was speaking with her parents about the Drawing. She is fourteen years old going on fifteen and scared as a jack-rabbit that has heard the howl of a wolf. The Drawing is something that happens every decade and the years before you turn fifteen, you get given the job of your dreams at age nine. These jobs are given to you by The Council of Individuals which are the sweetest people in Blackwater. You are given a job so you can make money to put food on the table. Sadie is a dance instructor which she absolutely loves to do. When you turn fifteen you are forced to enter the Drawing. “The Metropolis,” she said as she was sitting on their military green couch located in the living room, “Why are they doing this to innocent people?” “They do this to the people to follow a tradition that happened years and years ago, but they never told us exactly why they held it,” Sadie’s mom said while sipping her Lipton tea. She walked upstairs and entered her exotic infinitesimal bright pink room and laid on the fluffy bright white area rug she had gotten from Hobby Lobby. Sadie did some research for about a gazillion hours and figured out that what her parents told her wasn’t a lie at all. She got up from the floor and sat in her bed while combing her long brown wavy hair. Sadie popped out her purple contacts and gazed into her dark brown chocolate eyes. She was almost fifteen and wasn’t going to let horrendous thing happen to her after it had already happened to

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