Descriptive Essay About Peanuts

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Being ignored for almost four days is so fun, anyone knows it well! All I do is sitting in a big white porcelain bowl on the countertops while hearing the crowds around. Yeah, I am only hearing them, the buzzing sound of the crews talk, the clink between spatula and pan, also the eerie sound of gas when they turn up the stove. I am having fun as I know that I am the best sauce here. I come from the best ingredients of sauce could ever ask. My mother was prom-queen peanuts, the most beautiful and tasty peanuts of all. Ah I miss looking at her. I’m sure she’s now in a factory of selected peanuts—where all great peanuts gather—¬ being so tanned and packed in a bag with a gallant bird on the cover which is such a great pride of peanuts to be there.…show more content…
Look at the shape! It doesn’t look appetizing neither photogenic! Moreover the sauce, it’s too brown! It looks like...ermm...well, you know...” Sigh, another one listed on my yes-I-am-unattarctive list. Maybe mother peanuts lied to me, I have never been that good and shouldn’t be too proud of myself. Maybe I’m just an ordinary peanut sauce, like the previous girl said, as ordinary as the ones on sidewalks. I barely have friends too here. I think I better stop dreaming and just do my main job: being a good sauce for gado-gado. No one would listen to me either. “Shhss, you cannot say it that way! We’re on dining table. Anyway my aunt said the gado-gado here is really tasty, and the sauce looks rather sexy I guess. Can’t wait to eat it!” I hate myself right now; it is proved that there are more people dislike me than people love me. I don’t get why do people dislike me, why I’m the one who should take the blame? I have tried my very best to be the best and being this brown, too pricey, or looking unappetizing aren’t my choice. Humans are the one who do it. Also, when my ancestors tasted good, humans have never given us the credit, they give the credit to the kitchen’s crews, to the cooks. But I really want to say thank you to this Steph girl for flattering me, yet not enough to bring my spirit back. I wish I could be as amazing as my ancestors, but apparently I cannot. I’ll just be a good sauce with less dreams from now
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