Descriptive Essay: Founding Fathers

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Most of the people in Qdoba thought that was smart, and that was followed up by someone saying that all ten of us should be the “Founding Fathers” of the club and anyone who wanted to join after us would have to go through a long process and never reach the status of a founding father. All of us laughed and agreed that was a great idea. We were going to be the ten people to call the shots when it came to this club, and that feeling of power was amazing. Carson also brought up the idea of creating t-shirts that really showed the club’s spirit, so we went to a t-shirt creating website and designed a shirt that had a midget standing on a burrito with the words ‘Founding Fathers’ on the front, and on the back would be the phrase ‘Every _ _ _ _ Wednesday’ (the blanks stood for a bad word, so we decided to…show more content…
The next few weeks were spent just eating out at amazing places, and just having an overall good time. We went to buffalo wild wings, dairy queen, and subway. Finally, one morning after having a long running practice for cross country, Carson informed us the shirts were in, and amazingly the day was a Wednesday. We all wore the shirts so proud that day, but little did the group know, this would be the last glory day of the Wednesday Night Eaterz. During that day, everyone at school was asking us where we got the shirts, and who all was in it, which made all of us members just feel like we were on cloud nine. That night we wore our shirts proud to Qdoba, getting a few stares from bystanders, but that is what makes America great… I can start whatever I want and with a little bit of hard work and a white t-shirt, I can make it happen. The literal next day is when the entire club began to crumble down. The coaches of the cross country team heard from a few boys who were left out of the club, saying they were never invited. Uh oh, this isn’t good. Apparently one of the boys on the team went home and told their parents that they were excluded, to
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