Descriptive Essay: Heritage Hall Nursing Home

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Pulling into the parking lot there is a wave of nervousness that strikes my body. Just breath, it will be alright. This is what I’m meant to do. A million thoughts run through my head each passing second that I get closer to the facility. A couple of my friends decided to drive here today too; at least I’m not the only one that decided to drive myself today. 8 o’clock sharp, I need to head on inside to meet Mrs. Woods and the rest of the class so we can get started. I get out of my metallic grey car that’s still smells like it is fresh off the car lot. “Hey Austin, are you ready for today?” Kim says loudly from across the parking lot. “I’m a little nervous but hopefully the day goes better than my mind has imagined it the past few weeks.” I say as I grab my stethoscope and pen from my passenger seat. Walking inside the building I strangely feel as if I’m at a welcoming place, though I’ve never stepped foot inside this building. I read the big black letters on the side of the building that looks as if they have been there since the building was erected. Heritage Hall Nursing Home, sounds like a stereotypical name for a nursing home in the southern part of the country. I walk…show more content…
Now, a year and a half later I am a certified Nurses Aid. I work at Heritage Hall Nursing and I care for every resident as if they were my own family. Walking through the doors I walk down the long halls right before shift change. Rounding the corner I look down the hallway at the same room thinking back to my clinical experience. Now empty, I still walk by and think of that woman. Passing by that room I smile as I see my residents. “I’m so glad you’re working today. You take such good care of me!” One resident says as I pass the nurse’s station. “Thank you! Is there anything you need or want at the moment? I’ll be happy to make sure I get it for you!” I say as I begin my work
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