Descriptive Essay: Home To The NHL All-Star Game

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It was a city of lights and sounds. Lights lined the streets of Broadway. The city was a town of music, music city to be exact. As you walk through the street, music came from every bar, every restaurant. The air in the street smelled of smoke, and alcohol. People filled the streets and bars, mostly intoxicated. People from all over the country gathered there that night. These people all funneled into a single building, a large building. The people were here for one thing, Hockey. They gathered for a dwindling event, and event many thought was worthless. This city was trying to revive that game, trying to bring back meaning to the word “All-Star”. This city was home to the NHL All Star Game. Inside the building was lined with pictures. You could feel the sense of pride this city had for their team. Everything painted Blue and Gold. There were food…show more content…
Emotions filled the air, from the players to the fans. Their long piercing cheers flooded the arena. So loud that you could barely hear yourself think. Music blared through the stadium, after all it was Music city. The players entered the ice in their black and white All-Star jerseys. The fans were eccentric. The day would consist of three tournament style games, lasting 20 minutes long. There would be 3 mans on each team, and a goalie. The first game was the Metropolitan division versus the Atlantic division. This was a game full of energy, full of skill. The Atlantic division won the game. The next game consisted of the last two divisions, the Central and Pacific. This was an extremely high scoring game. Mostly due to the fact that everybody was barely trying. The last game was the best of them all. The Pacific versus the Atlantic. The players all wanting a taste of the winning check of a million dollars. The game was filled with wonderful plays from each team. The goalies making unbelievable saves with their stick, glove, and legs. The Pacific division came away with a
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