Descriptive Essay Just Another Day

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Just Another day As the upbeat music flowed through the humongous park, people started to rush in screaming with enthusiasm. It was a stampede. The clear azure sky smiled with excitement waiting for an adventure to happen. The waiting line stretched out beyond the horizon as people lined up to go on each ride whilst heads turned to watch the ride as it towered over the park. The wind was as soft as silk as it glided past picking up the smell of sizzling hot dogs as it filled the park. People walked from ride to ride getting burnt from the powerful sunlight shining on their skin, leaving a temporary mark of their visit. The smell of corn dogs and freshly popped popcorn wafted around the park and demanded their presence to be known. Whilst I stood in line waiting for what seems like forever, the children in front of me were agitated and began to jump off the pavement as they impatiently waited to go on the ride. Strolling forwards, I could see the excited faces as passengers exited the tracks. I stepped onto the roller coaster as my heart raced faster than ever, sitting down on the seat; the safety bar of the roller coaster pinned each body down as 3…hands gripped tightly on the bars…2…my breath fastened….1… and off we go! Sliding, slowing, soaring. The roller coaster followed the complicated lines of the frames, tracing each and every corner and bumps at different speed. The wind gushed passed my face as if my hair was electrocuted. Although the first glimpse of the roller

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