Descriptive Essay: Learning High School Football

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Learning High School Football

Fourth quarter, down by one touchdown with three minutes left in the State Championship game. The score is 41-35 and all of the fans are anxiously sitting on the edge of their seats. Both teams are both eager and full of energy out there on the field tonight, but only one team can win.

High School football games are fun and a great time. Football has always been the call out to all schools. Every school just about has an football team and it brings fans and love from all around. Football is an brotherly love sport, with determined young men to win. This sport carries on traditions for schools since before I was in school. Everyone buys school spirit wear, spray paint themselves and express their happiness.
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I, myself, has learned so much from my high school football games. Most females have no clue when it comes to sports, but in my case, football. Watching high school football, has taught me different positions, the names of players, their strengths and weaknesses and even who’s the water boy on the team, which most boys like to call this an “injury recovery” or “ineligible” because of grades. I have always loved the sport, but never knew what it meant or how to actually play. In my eyes, all you had to do was run the ball without being tackled, until I found out the fundamentals of the game such as; the play…show more content…
No matter what school I went too, I’ve always learned the players names. The star players on the team, always gets their name called out from the press box.This is where, you find out who’s dating who, who likes who and what boys actually gets “playing time”. To me this the best part of the game. You get so excited hearing how well your team is doing while the other school starts to get frustrated. You can also get acknowledge if you're dating a football player and his name gets called. We all know everyone makes the team, but not everyone plays. Some boys like to over exaggerate how they do in games, so this would be the perfect opportunity to see for
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