Descriptive Essay Loneliness

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Peyton Burchfield
Mrs. Volpi
English 11
21 May 2017
Loneliness. We’ve all felt it. The cold, rugged hands of life gripping your emotions and taking them for a spin. It can make you temporarily lose hope in humanity. But, you know what’s better than being lonely? Not being lonely. There’s a pretty easy way to solve the problem of loneliness. It is as easy as grabbing a couple brocachos and cracking open some metaphorical cold ones. Friends are also the best because they are free and can help you be healthier physically and mentally through every single stage of your life. Nothing is better than some free shit. From sleeping, to watching YouTube, there are a plethora of free things to do for fun in life. The best out of them all is just being in good company. For me, it started as early as being a toddler running around face planting off of monkey bars and using my imagination with my boys to destroy the evil enemy, the female, in a game of Marco Polo because she has cooties. After that, I progressed into a chunky, hormone-filled middle schooler running around ding-dong ditching the principal with my friends at two in the morning. Finally, it all came full circle and I am back to the days of face planting off of monkey bars and females having cooties. The common theme amongst these stages of life are that each stage involves free things with friends. These free things can just plain and simple get you through the day because besides friends, most things suck. On the

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