Descriptive Essay: My First Mormon Temple

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It was a grey, gusty spring morning. I looked out the window and frown. The skirt that I had packed was going to be torture in this weather. It was a knee length skirt, with lots of fabric to twirl and twist. Oh well, it was good thing that I had packed a pair of spandex shorts; at least I could preserve some of my dignity. I turn back to giant ornate mirror in front of me and pull my attention back to the task at hand. I painstakingly apply my makeup with a determinately steady hand, focused on trying not to get black eyeliner everywhere. I pull on my clothes and wrap my sweater around me. Man, but it is cold. I put my hand over the grate on the floor. The heater has stopped again. I scurry down the stairs. My legs are practically crossed the whole way down, I am so cold. I check things out in the electrical corner. The water heater is not running, but I can hear the shower running above me. And…show more content…
We walk the beautiful grounds and get in line. My father pushes my grandmother in her wheel chair. We tour the temple together, seeing one beautiful room after another. Even the bathroom is beautiful! Then we are separated as she has to go into an elevator. We then are shown into the celestial room. This is where people get married. There is such a peace and tranquility in this room. The tour goes on and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves, taking in the beauty of it all. After the tour is over, there are refreshments in an event tent. There are paintings depicting church history and pamphlets with information about the church. My grandmother and I sit together while we wait for the rest of our group to catch up with us. My grandmother takes my and hand and looks me in the eyes. She tells me, “When we were in the celestial room, I felt so at peace. I somehow know that one day, I will be with you at your wedding, in person or in
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