Descriptive Essay: My Trip To Yosemite

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There are millions of reasons one prefers not to spend their valuable time at Yosemite. No internet, no cellular connection, treacherous drive, very limited civilization, and very unpredictable weather are few of the many excuses I have heard. However, there is one reason why everyone would go. It is the serene beauty Yosemite has to offer that is a getaway from the stressful lives we all endure. It is so generously picturesque, it stays in our mental cameras forever. It is a visual stimulant that is simply relaxing when one experiences it. I did not expect Yosemite could showcase its beauty in any season, any weather, anytime, any day, or any condition. I went to Yosemite three times in my life and each time I have experienced something different and unique. During snow season, Yosemite transforms to a winter wonderland and gets you thinking whether you have accidently stumbled upon the gates…show more content…
But my family and I are a bit unique. Even though the GPS kept warning us not to take 120, we still went for it and I was glad we did that. The natural beauty we encountered through 120 blew me away. It was worthy enough for a few pictures on my camera. The captivating scene deserved some space in my storage. I am still reminiscing on that scenic drive as I write this story right now. A few miles before hitting the base of Yosemite Valley, there is a bridge. Now the bridge itself is not that significant but the thing it crosses is much more significant. It is a secret, that route holds that is not shown on the NPS website, Tripadvisor, or any travel brochure. Even Google Maps fails to recognize that place as a Vista Point. The Cascade Creek Bridge crosses through Cascade Creek. With the water rushing through the rocks in one direction and vegetation of all sorts surrounding it on top of a mountain, Cascade Creek is a very warm and welcoming entrance to the majestic
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