Descriptive Essay: NHS Meeting Room

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As I shuffle down to the office my palms are sweating and my thoughts racing. I can’t remember a time when I was this nervous and that makes me panic even more. As I see people sauntering out of the office holding little white envelopes my heart starts to beat harder and faster and pretty soon I feel as if my heart is going to jump right out of my chest. When I arrive at the door with a coffee stained piece of paper reading “NHS meeting room” taped to it, I close my eyes, take a deep breath and heave open the surprisingly heavy door. When I walk in there is a table with envelopes scattered around on top of it and I wonder how the two people chattering away behind the table are able to find the envelope they’re looking for in this clutter.…show more content…
So instead, I walk back up to class and my face flushes as all heads turn to me expectantly. I let out a nervous chuckle and murmur, “I haven’t actually opened it yet.” “What, why not?”, “What are you waiting for? Open it!”, and “Are you joking? You obviously made it,” are some of the few responses that were blurted out at me. I look down at the envelope, slide my index finger under the flap, and look back up at all of the eager faces looking at me. I lose my nerve and stammer, “I’m…I’m scared I’m going to cry if I didn’t make it.” My teacher belts out a laugh and makes a deal with me that if I open it and don’t make it into this prestigious organization she would allow me to stay in her room until I can gather my composure. Although I’m still trembling, I decide the deal is fair and open the envelope for real this time. The first word I read is “congratulations” and I can finally feel my legs again. I look up with my eyes gleaming and my face full of relief and they already know I made it without me having to actually say it. I’m unbelievably honored to be able to represent an organization that is so noble and could not be any more excited to start making a difference in my
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