Narrative Essay My 911 Family

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When you hear the word family, people automatically think that it’s a small group that is contains one or two parents and their children. Family doesn’t always mean your blood relatives, it can also be different combinations of other families, neighbors, coworkers, friends, complete strangers and even your friend’s family can become part of your family. Basically family can be anyone that you share a strong bond with. I have two different types of families, my 911 family and my entire family. My 911 family is like my go to, they mean everything to me the people that I know will always be there for me when I need them, like my parents and my siblings. My 911 family consist of six people: my mom, my dad, my stepdad, my older brother and sister, and my youngest sister. My parents are your typical old fashion parents, with a little twist of new century,…show more content…
My entire family consist of many people, there’s: my aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, close friends, and pets. I even consider my best-friends family part of my family, for example I call my best-friend’s mom my second momma. To be honest I think she prefers me that her own daughter. Every time the whole family gets together, it is an astonishing experience and we always create incredible memories, but as in every family we are not perfect. My family is like the show called La Familia Peluche, because this family lives for gossip, everyday it’s something new, and then that creates drama which leads to arguments and fights. At the end we either make up or ignore each other, because we know that at the end of the day family is everything and without them we wouldn’t be who we are today. Although I have many cousins I am only close to my cousin Britney, she knows everything about me. We are together twenty-four seven, were like two peas in a pot. Britney is a short girl with dark long hair, she’s a mom to one beautiful little girl that looks exactly
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