Descriptive Essay On A Basketball Game

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The dew was lifting outside of First Baptist Church of Shallotte, northside of Shallotte, NC off Main Street. We arrived at the gym with our daughter ready to play. The ending of this basketball game was far from how it began. It would leave these kids looking like they just came back from war. The parents held their breath as they were watching this game, hearing the refs’ whistles blow, watching the beads of sweat drip down their children’s faces, it was as if the court was the battlefield and the players fought till the very end. As we arrived, the loud speaker came on, “Hello Parents, let’s form two lines in front of the gym doors. So, we can welcome our basketball players!” It was Mike the Youth Pastor of the church who is also in charge…show more content…
The players were yelling at one another as they played, they still wanted to beat each other. Both teams were rough and competitive. The parents were side line coaching, you could barely hear the coaches due to the noise of the crowd. Another player went down, a girl on the Mountaineers was bumped by one of her players and she bit down hard on her tongue. She tried to continue, but she was in so much pain. So this led to another on the bench, as one went in to sub. The players were getting tired and restless. You could tell all of them wanted to go home; both teams. They continued playing as hard as they could. More injuries continued, a Tar Heel got knocked in the face by his own teammate and broke his nose. It seemed to be the never ending painful game. What once started as excitement and cheering was now dwindling down to tired, worn out, beaten up kids who wanted nothing more but to go home. Finally, the buzzer went off ending the game. Tar Heel 28:19. Funny thing though, they did not rejoice, and the other team did not let out a cry. They were all defeated. All beaten down. All felt like losers. The excitement of playing died. The parents one by one, plucked their kid and took them
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