Descriptive Essay On A Beautiful Day

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As we walked towards the beach I somehow started to feel exhausted-12 hours of plane trip and then all the walking-, and I could feel my senses fading. I thought about the keeper, he was a good man, but old now, and that suddenly disgusted me. I got rid of that out-of-nowhere thought and continued to walk. The vicinity of Embion, around the lighthouse was less frequented and gave a sad look to the village on such a beautiful day. Somehow, I thought sadness reveals things that happiness tries to hide, and I felt sad. I saw someone like Georges on the way to the way to the beach, but I wasn’t sure, if it was him. On the beach there was a myriad of colours, as at least twenty sun umbrellas were embed in the sand next to each other. Before going onto the beach, Julie and I proceeded to the ritual of removing shoes and sandals. I put both pairs into the luggage, which since then I thought was of no use. The shouting and laughing sounds of children accentuated as we neared them, and I noticed that a group of children had formed a soccer team and were playing with a plastic ball on the hot sand. Smaller ones were acting as supporters as their ice creams were melting on their bare-chest, and their elder ones were supervising them with rapid successive looks. The seniors were either under the shades of the umbrellas…show more content…
Maybe it was all in my head, I thought. Freddie then broke my thought as he showed us his redhead wife who waved at Julie and me from under the umbrella-she was waiting for their third child, belly as big as Freddie- and his boy knee-high to a grasshopper with orange hair, was playing football, pushing the other children, to get the ball. I hated Freddie. Her wife and his son, I wasn’t sure. I pitied them. I somehow felt a loosening of my muscles as we left these people, and I felt reborn for a minute or
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