Descriptive Essay On A Beautiful Morning

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A beautiful morning. That’s how I described it in my head the day I woke up, and yet something was off. As usual, I woke up in my room on the third floor of our estate, crawled out of a warm bed, annoyingly lit with sunlight, to begin the day. Groggy, I stumbled out of my room, and headed downstairs to the dining area to get some breakfast. Unexpectedly, as I roamed the halls, there wasn’t a soul to be found, anywhere. As I made my way through the extravagant halls of the third and second floors, I thought it strange that not a single maid or butler could be found. Normally, I would constantly be tripping over them, always underfoot as they were, yet today there was nothing. I made it to the first floor, and still not a sound, and at that point, I began to get worried. However, there was probably a good explanation after all, the mansion was ginormous. They might be working on…show more content…
Luscious green hills, thickly wooded prairies, and tons of nature all around, everything so green and perfect. However, this time, everything had changed. It was all red, crimson. The once green plants were dyed red with blood, corpses scattered about, and the roof was no exception, even the sky was painted a sickening crimson hue. The source was obvious, as the last of the cooking staff was being bled dry, by none other than my very own father, and that’s not all. I looked around the roof, and found my mother standing at an opposite end of the roof, doing the same to the last of the cleaning staff. My sister, my own baby sister, cheering in delight, as though this was something that was done before. She was eight years old, and she was taking in the grisly sight of all of this gore. An incomprehensible scene that left me horrified, that was what my eyes were looking at, but I felt power, lots of it rising up inside me at the smell of this atrocious blood and

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