Descriptive Essay On A Big Thunder Mountain

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It all started the night before with excitement building up in my stomach. I became restless as the night progressed. Twisting and turning in my bed as I felt “Go meet as at Matterhorn,” Estephanie said. “I’m waiting for you guys and our class is here.” Jonathan and I walked up to a mountain-like structure with “snow” on top and rails going out for the ride. We found Estephanie and saw all our other classmates. We decided to split up into different groups as some wanted to go on rides and some do not. The three of us decided to ride Big Thunder Mountain. When we got on the ride, it started of slow and gradually became faster. I can feel the wind blowing in my face and screams could be heard from other people on the ride. When we got off the ride, we decided to go on Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride was not as fun as Big Thunder Mountain, but my friends decided that it would have been fun to scream on the little drops on the ride. We ended up laughing until we got off with strangers looking at us like we were crazy. We decided to finally meet up with our other friends Julian, Erin, and Karina. Some of my other classmates decided to join us to go on Indiana Jones. We checked that there would be a long time to wait so we decided to play a game of Heads Up. People started to look at us again, but then I noticed others decided to play as well on their phones. When we got inside, they announced that ride broke down and needed to be fixed. My friends and I started to say how

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