Descriptive Essay On A Birthday

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It was a cold, brisk winter morning as I awoke to the sound of raindrops falling on the bay view window pitter, patter, pitter, patter it went on. I really didn’t want to get up. I felt so cosy in my satin pyjamas on my giant, king sized bed with the softest duvet wrapped around me like a burrito, creating a wonderful sense of comfort and contentness on these wintery days. My sweet serenity was interrupted when I heard my buzzing alarm go off, and realised it was already 9am, “Too early for the holidays” I thought, I gave a big yawn and stretch, sitting up in my heavenly bed. Today was my 18th birthday and I hoped that for once, it would be a special day filled with love from the only two people who gave me attention in between their working lives my mum and dad, Martha and Warren. My parents weren’t exactly always there but they made time for me when they could, showering me in gifts even though I had never asked. I rushed down the marble staircase into the large living room, filled with the sweet scent of the vanilla bean candles mum had insisted on putting all around the house. In the far corners of the room lay 2 large, paleaceous chairs decorated with faux fur throws and deluxe fluffy pillows, to the right of the plasma screen TV. It was incredibly quiet as pure usual and I couldn’t see my parents anywhere in sight, I continued looking throughout the hugely spacious house with a feeling of exuberance, for once actually excited to start the day. After looking for

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