Descriptive Essay On A City

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If you ask someone to think of a city what comes to mind will likely be, long cloistered, grungy walkways, easily identifiable landmark buildings, and the marching on by of city folk with empty faces. Landmarks resonate with a city’s identity, since city schemas are developed around these structures which can certainly create their own impression on those who visit. Ordinarily, Travelers can easily identify where they are by knowing which city landmarks they are next to, however what truly creates a city is those who inhabit it. Those empty faces of the countless individuals that pass you by on those cloistered walkways have stories to tell that will fascinate you. Additionally, cities are a congregation of people from many facets of life, and these city dwellers create the setting of the…show more content…
Two fantastic examples of cities with their own unique style are, London and Dublin. London, a city from my perception bereft of generosity. A city without remorse, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by its massiveness. Consternation flowed through me as I roamed through the streets. The people gave off a sense of urgency, with every step seeming methodical. The people I had approached didn’t give much time to answer my questions, and quickly darted off once we finished chatting. The city’s atmosphere was much like New York, because it gives you a feeling of being unimportant, however Dublin has a completely different sensation to it. Dublin has a tranquil environment, its people are approachable, and the city is easy to navigate. You become friendly with the people you see at your local pub or market. You can feel at home in a matter of minutes. These two cities have extremely different styles to them and this is due to a combination of their city design, and the people who inhabit the

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