Descriptive Essay On A Classical Concert

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In essence, music is the index of humanity which allows the audience to reach new heights in understanding music. My first classical concert held at the Organ Recital Hall was composed of a series of magnificent expositions. The first group, a musical ensemble, performed samples from Italian composer Pietro Locatelli. In the beginning of the piece members of the chordophone family (Violins,Cellos,Bass,Viola) all began to harmonize with each other immediately establishing the tone of the performance. Altogether, the instruments intensity was high as well as expeditious. This was prevalent within the opening of the song which was presented with a dramatic pause which then crescendoed into the later portions of the musical staging. The piece was…show more content…
This song was produced within the romantic era between the 1800’s and 1910. Instantaneously, there was an obvious change in the style of music being performed. The melody was playful, exciting, and vibrant compared to the early forms of music played at the beginning of the concert. Instead of being played by a larger mass of instruments this piece was performed by a duet, a grand piano, and a modern clarinet. I found highly satisfying how the dynamic duo playfully bounced off from each other functioning as a symbiotic relationship. The intensity was high with a rubato tempo while the demeanor was of one of a mischievous form. As a result, this enlightened the mood of the entire concert grabbing the attention of the audience once again for the final time. This was possible due to the notes of the play being allegro in a minor key. While the texture of the piece was homophonic due to the fact that the piano dominated the melody while the flute finessed its way into the complex disjunct melody. In addition, what really helped make this performance stand out compared to the rest was the authenticity of pure enjoyment the performers where having. There was no faking in how much amusement the musicians had which the same feeling translated into the audience. All things considered, this score was yet another example of how music is core to the human experience highlighting the capability of what music can

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