Descriptive Essay On A Coffee Shop

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Winter was just around the corner. It was my first time in the biggest coffee shop in town. I could see the cheerful and brilliant lighting of the shop as I walked across the vast parking lot. There were tables outside the shop each with a brown vintage style umbrella. This particular coffee shop is not a cafe, it’s a coffee shop literally. They sell the finest coffee from all over the world. It also has a book corner in the left hand side of the shop where we can buy books. They make very good coffee as well. This place is an ideal place for students and employees to release stress. As I made my way through the transparent glass door, a blanket of warm air hit me and the rich aroma of coffee which was delectable. The noise the customers made was immense which reminded me how popular a place this is. I made my way to the coffee bar at the end of the shop made of reclaimed wood. A barista stood before me. He welcomed me with a charming smile. I got my cup of Americano and paid for it in the next counter. The aged wooden floor creaked beneath me as I was walking towards my table. I made myself comfortable on a bulky wooden chair. When I was about take the first sip of my cup of coffee the looks of the cup caught my eye. It had a very rich vintage look itself. The cup was in white and the details were in bronze. The fresh hot coffee warmed my palms as I took the first sip. The invigorating smoky taste was heavenly. As I lifted my eye from the cup, a group of attractive young

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