Descriptive Essay On A Coffee Shop

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The small coffee shop smelled of caramel, cream, and vanilla. A concoction of addicting scents that drew me to come to work everyday. This little shop was located in the quieter side of Seattle, sandwiched between a paper supply store and a fancy ramen shop. The odd placement of the establishment meant that business was relatively slow and work hours were negotiable; a huge factor as to why I took the available position of being a part time barista.
It was the middle of October when he walked in. The cool October air drawing more people than usual to the tiny cafe, many of them wanting to find release in our selection of delicious pastries and warm beverages. He was no exception.
I had just finished handing a regular their order when a tall man stumbled into the shop; stumbling due to the strong winds outside. He had a very disheveled appearance with his hair mussed up and a coat slipping off his broad shoulders. He took a few moments to fix his appearance and look around the quaint coffee shop. His presence caught me off guard, having not seen anyone quite like him before. “Quit staring, It’s considered rude.” Nancy, one of my closest coworkers, and the only other person manning the front with me, remarked. Having been caught ogling the stranger, I blushed. “Sorry, but I can’t help it! He’s just so--” His eyes locked onto mine, causing me to stop and suck in a breath as he made his way over to the counter I was standing behind. I quickly adjusted my appearance and

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