Descriptive Essay: Stranded Upon A Crowd

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Stranded Amongst a Crowd My eyes light up in awe and are fixed on the Electro Dance musician, Armin Van Buuren. It is his final set at the notorious Nasrec exhibition center “Ultra festival”. Crowds of thousands who share the same party objective, “to rave to the grave” as they slur, whilst the sharp stale smell of sweat, bitter alcohol and burning tobacco, fill the humid summer air. Sweat trickles down my back free flowing like condensation on a window pane, it beaded on my forehead and the sweat droplets on my skin began to run down my face and splashed onto the floor. For the last two hours, with no way out, half naked and defined bodies, rub against each other and move up and down to the beat of the music as illuminating stage lights, the type to be any epileptics worst nightmare bounce on the surroundings, setting the atmosphere as the crowd reacts and roars while pumping their fists.…show more content…
My eyes grow bigger and I can feel my face change colour, I have been pick pocketed! I feel violated but suddenly lost and sick to the pit of my stomach for all my possessions have vanished and I dig my hands deep into the bottom of my pockets to reassure myself of what has just happened. Gone is my galaxy gray iPhone, my matte black Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses which were on my head, all my saved up money and my fake ID, the golden ticket that I had gone to endless lengths to get my hands on earlier that day for the sweet taste of

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