Descriptive Essay On A Concert

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A surprise that great should never be left untold. It wasn’t just a typical third grade concert at Lakeview Elementary, well not for me anyways. It was around 9 am, and the teachers brought us to get lined up on the risers. I was all the way at the end of the riser on the first row because that’s what happens when you’re short I guess. We all watched as parents started coming in, and there were lots. I remember just standing on the riser biting my nails, because that’s what I do when I’m nervous or scared. To me, this seemed like the biggest crowd that we’ve ever had at an elementary concert. As parents got seated, I remember Mr. Cardinal announcing that the concert was about to start. The first song was ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’. I felt butterflies in my stomach as the song started to play. I was so nervous that I started to forget the words to the songs. Then I remembered that my stepmom once told me that if you ever forget the words to a song, just mouth the word watermelon over and over again. I started off the concert mouthing the word watermelon and looking around at all the people. After what felt like an eternity, the song ended and the next one started. As we started to sing ‘Deck the Halls’, I felt a little less nervous and I started to remember the words. Moments after the song came to an end, I heard our Principal, Mr. Cardinal, start to make an announcement. Everyone, including me, looks over at him as he begins to speak, but

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