Personal Narrative-Neighboring

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Five years ago, on a warm September day, after scrubbing a spot on the carpet for five hours, For the life of me, that hellacious spot would not come out of the carpet. Fingers blistered, my family swayed me to seek aid for my severe drug addiction. My doctor vowed of a brilliant facility just outside of Atlanta, Lakeview Behavioral Health, that was known for the upmost treatment of those addicted or devour mental disorders. Reluctant but desperate for recuperation, I agreed to check into the "promising and serene" hospital, that would bring about the most unnerving nightmares once I penetrated through those towering alluring gates. Once I reached to the hospital all disquiets diminished from my body. The shimmering sun was shining brightly on this fall day. Towering, giant, and enchanting trees encircled the hospital. The leaves had commenced to turn exquisite colors ranging from yellow, orange, and red. A glistening pond set off in remoteness. Neighboring, was a water fountain that was the innocent shade of baby blue that misted water skyward, as if it was grasping for the heavens. A collection of…show more content…
The screams sent chills down my spine; The torture in her voice; The dark energy of the hospital, Hell. The chairs were the manner one could find in a lobby of a doctor 's office, uncomfortable would be an understatement, no padding, and itchy and fibrous material that was attached to stern wooden legs. In the corner sits a lady, staring into space, and never she speaks a word, she suffered from catatonic schizophrenia. Her face still haunts my recollection of the rest home. Patients pleaded to go outside and perceive the sunlight like we were sworn while also, begging for smoke breaks, that too was vowed, but denied by the indolent nurses too consumed their
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