Descriptive Essay On A Day At The Night

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One summer night; after a long and eventful day at the office, a day I thought would never end, I breathed a sigh of relief as I pulled into my drive and parked. In a moment reflecting, I could see that my ride home took longer than usual. This was due in part to the five o’clock bumper to bumper rush hour traffic that seemed like a horror scene right out of a Stephen King novel. I was relieved that this day had finally come to a close. I got out of my car and went inside of the house leaving all thoughts of this troubling day outside. Home sweet home, I was now safely behind the walls of my sanctuary. I was not hungry, so I chose to skip dinner and retire for the night. I took a shower and got dressed for bed. After locking up for night,…show more content…
I began to slowly walk across the burning sands leaving my footprints with every step that I made. The beautiful skies above; tinted with heavenly shades of blue were endless. The clouds, big and fluffy and snow white slowly floated through the heavens. The sun; with its golden face was shining ever so brightly. It emitted a soothing warmth that heated the earth below. As I strolled along the beach, I could feel the gentleness of the summer breeze as it caressed my cheeks. Its aroma was as pleasing to my nostrils as is the smell of jasmine in bloom. As I looked around, my attention fell upon the birds. I watched as they gracefully took off in flight. They spread their wings and soared through the heavens on the rapture of the wind. I stopped to look at the illustrious blue waters with its rippling waves that made their way to the shores and washed away the footprints that I was making in sand. As I was gazing upon the face of the deep; looking afar, I could see a tropical disturbance that was brewing in the distance. As these adverse weather conditions began to worsen, everything around me began to
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