Personal Narrative: My Morphology

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I was on my way home when I seen something, something very peculiar. It was about 3:00 pm when school got out walking by every person who disgustingly looked at me. Wondering why every person hates me for what i did back in 5th grade. Uhhhhhhh nevermind that actually.
My back was aching over the substantial amount of my backpack i had to carry all day. But then I came across with this moving bush. Some animal sticking out. The tail was wagging furiously in this burdensome weather of arizona. I go inspect it only to see a hairy like human being which was only a dog in my surprise.
My first instinct was to pet the dog grooming it’s shaggy fur with ease. My head was in it’s working gears like a train thinking what to do with this dog. I decided to call my parents as I …show more content…

I’ve been desperately asking my mom for another one. But unfortunately she always says no, something about us being over debt or something like that I guess. Anyway I was two miles away from school when I seen him he was standing there right in the middle of the street. He was soaked, covered in water and dirt, not looking so good I thought to myself. But in the glare of the fog I seen it some lights coming from the distance. I dropped my bike in the horrendous fear of something happening to him. Damn I was too late the car it.. It just swerved… swerved and it…..hi..t.The flash of a light suddenly blinded me on my left side. I felt a sharp pain shoot down my leg…. I I I can’t seem to see anything everything is white. AM I DEAD. I took a flash at some lights flashing, an ambulance I said but for what i’m okay. I passed feeling very sore and not good. But then I see him once again this time in a pure white room I….I don’t know he came after me aggressive. His unquestionably sharp teeth filling with foam and aggressiveness. When he striked I….I don’t know what to do. I felt it, his exceedingly sharp teeth go through my right

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