Personal Narrative: A Christmas Memory

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It was past midnight and my whole family was standing in front of our door half asleep. We stood there on the porch in awe as we saw a small dog. My father decided that we should bring it some cat food and leave it outside because though it was Christmas, it was warm and the dog might be able to find its way back to its family. We assumed that this dog was not a stray mainly because it was well groomed and had a very friendly disposition towards us. My brothers wanted to take the dog into the house, but my father said that we shouldn’t. When I gazed upon the creature I noticed its golden fur and large eyes, and I also wished to take it into the house, but I didn’t say anything. I walked up the stairs into my bedroom and immediately went…show more content…
It was perfectly happy and at home as Scruffy, our cat, was brooding near the stairs and suspiciously watching the dog. I spent about half an hour sitting their peacefully with the dog at my side. I completely forgot about Christmas presents as I sat by the dog. I saw both of my brothers walk into the TV area, and they were both surprised and overjoyed to see the little creature. Soon after, my family figured out that it was a boy and they all agreed on naming it Zorrito which means little fox in Spanish. I thought that it would be fitting to name him Glorfindel after the gallant, golden haired elf captain that defended Gondolin in the Silmarillion, but I did not vocalize my thoughts because no one else in my family would probably agree. All of us liked Zorrito (except for Scruffy) and Zorrito liked all of us (including scruffy). Zorrito comfortably walked about our house and sat on our couches comfortably as if he completely belonged…show more content…
My dad was calling the owners, telling them where we lived so that they could retrieve Chewbacca. Soon after a car pulled into our driveway. Out of the car came a teenage boy and a middle aged man with a tray of cookies. We walked out of the house with my father who was holding Chewbacca in his arms. The owners thanked us as we surrendered the dog to them, and in return they gave us the tray of Christmas cookies. We said our final farewells to the wonderful dog which we will probably never cross paths with again. I missed Chewbacca, but returning him was the right thing to

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