Descriptive Essay On A Dream

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It was a beautiful summer morning, when I woke up from the irritating sound of pigeons that landed about five feet away from me. I had slept on the flat rooftop the night before because because it was extremely warm. However, I also found great pleasure and comfort in laying down on a thin foam mattress while gazing over the stars in that cloudless sky and feeling the cold wind rushing over my body every now and then. I would always look forward to every summer for the chance to fall asleep in that priceless setting. As the dawn arose and birds started fluttering around me, I woke up to the sound and the scorching strike of the sun and realized a moment that I will never forget. I had tossed and turned so often that night until I had reached the edge of the barrierless rooftop and my left arm was hanging down the edge as I opened my eyes and saw the eight-hundred feet valley below my hand. As I encountered this astonishingly beautiful yet terrifying sight, I immediately rolled away from the edge as my heart was beating at over two hundred beats per minute. This was perhaps one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. However, I have always been curious of what would have happen if I had woken up differently. What would have happened if I had actually fallen off and had the sharp cliff laying fourtee below the rooftop while being tossed and rolled as I descended down from the hill and felt tree branches scratching my body as I kept descending? Considering the fact
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