Descriptive Essay About A Day At Night

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Everyone just loves going to camp right? The difference between this camp and any other one was that it was a collegiate football camp. It was arrival day for the football team and emotions were going with me. I didn 't know if I should be happy , nervous or anxious. The first day of camp was a pretty restful day, it contained walking and a lot of it. We had to walk to the doctors in the vicious heat, it felt like it was about 100 degrees. The sun was beating on my neck as if someone was holding a magnifying glass against it. After the doctors it was raining, which was probably the most satisfying thing of the day. The rain felt so relieved, it cooled me from the heat. But it did feel like I took a shower once I got inside. I walk back to the dorms and all I hear is the squeaking of…show more content…
When we strechting i know the excitement in my build up. As we were stretching I felt the heat getting to me, sweat would drip onto my nose and lips. The first few sections of practice was terrible because i was used to be playing in pads in a while. So far all i can think about was the hitting section of the practice. It was the only time we got to do it because they didn’t want to have any injuries. It would be my turn to go up in the drill, i would be paired up with a wide receiver. we would have to shed the block to make the tackle. I would fight with the receiver to shed the block, after i would attempt to tackle the rubbing back. And i would wrap my arms around the running backs legs to stop him in his tracks. Then i would drag him to the ground and fall onto the back of the running back thighs. Sometimes those types of tackles would hurt because you would feel the bottom of the cleat rub or hit your stomach. After a long practice doing the Oklahoma drills just made me more tiring. My body felt so fatigued i just felt so warn out and tired, especially my knees were extremely sore. My knees would just tight up and stiffen
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