Descriptive Essay: Club Volleyball

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The Fieldhouse I have been playing club volleyball since I was in the 6th grade. Volleyball has always been my passion and I wanted to become very good at it. Club volleyball provided this opportunity for me. Club volleyball is played mainly on the weekends in various cities, in various gyms. Recently I played at The Fieldhouse gym in Springfield, MO. As the day went on in that gym I began to determine if it met the right criteria for a good gym. I have a fair amount of knowledge of what a good volleyball gym looks like considering I have spent nearly every weekend of my life in one since the 6th grade. A good gym should have a big open court with high ceilings. The courts should be easily accessible. Quality, convenient food at a reasonable price plays a huge role as well, considering there will be starving volleyball players and parents everywhere. Most importantly, a good gym needs to have great seating for parents. If they are going to spend all day supporting us, they need a good seat to support them.…show more content…
The Fieldhouse had a fantastic lobby area filled with couches and chairs with a backrest, which no one realizes is that important until you do not have one. To go along with the chairs were tables, perfect for food and bags which normally would be strung out all over the floor. There was also a different kind of seat offered: arcade seats. In the back corner of the lobby there was a small arcade with just enough games to cover the basics. This included table hockey, claw machines, and a couple of race car games. While this was not on my list of criteria, The Fieldhouse definitely got a bonus point for providing another source of entertainment besides the ever entertaining game of volleyball. The Fieldhouse was already pretty incredible and I was not even on the court
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