Descriptive Essay On A Museum

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Museum Visit Essay The museum that I chose to go to for this essay was the Dallas Museum of Arts, located in downtown Dallas. The exterior of the building was incredible to see, surrounded by different art designs that artist have made for eye appeal for viewers to observe. The interior was fascinating, the museum had different levels to explore paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. I had no idea on how big the museum was, but I highly recommend it to others. When arriving there was an information desk with brochures and maps to help people navigate around the different levels of art. I felt like the museum gave visitors information about the different works of art by, having the name of the artist, the dates, and a short description about the art work posted by each piece. The goals or the message that is conveyed for each art piece played a big effect because it helps viewers to understand the artist, the period of time, and the meaning behind each piece of art. Personally,…show more content…
The lighting that was in the museum was a calming affect with lights that shined on the art piece itself. The lighting gave some of the pieces a vibrant color and details within the paintings, you could see the darkness and shadow effects of the art. It brought out the textures and brushstrokes that were used in painting the pictures. When viewing some of the art, I was able to see some of the people’s input and feelings on the composition or the way a painting was displayed. The meaning of the art work in a museum setting verses a textbook, gave me more insight on viewing and analyzing art work. It gave me a clear picture and showed more detail to look at, the textbook doesn’t show every detail of the art work. The meaning and understanding of the art pieces seem so much more realistic in real life than in a textbook
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