Descriptive Essay On A Red Dress

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There she was, standing with her head tilted to one side and her light brown tresses to the other side. From time to time, she was shifting hangers in the closet. Every morning, she would ponder over the cloth to choose from her dull closet and every day a red dress would catch her attention. But like every other day, she ignored that dress today as well.
She had never worn that dress because she thought it would make people notice her, and she didn’t like attention. But, she loved the cute little red dress, just like a few other clothes that she loved but never wore.
This red dress, her love at the first sight, reminded her of her adorable red frock that she got on her 12th birthday, the day she’d never forget, and the frock that she wore just once. But, her friends gifted her a similar red dress on her 23rd birthday, and she loved it as much as she loved the red frock, but still, it never came out of the closet.
She is still standing there, confused as ever, trying to choose between the gray and the black trousers. Reluctantly, she takes out a gray shirt and black trouser, thinking that this boring formal color will help her mix with the crowd.
She is now walking on the road, on her way to the office, from the point where the shuttle drops her. A fair, tall and pretty girl with a fresh morning glow on her face, a beaming smile, and dreamy eyes. As always, she is conscious of the eyes on her and she is wondering that why people look at her, is it her skin color, her height

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