Descriptive Essay On A Turtle

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A TURLE’S GOODBYE “Stop telling me he’s just a turtle. My turtle has more personality, integrity, empathy and loyalty that most people I know, he’s family.” Starting of my story, I couldn’t know what feelings I had to my turtle until I left him. I realized too late that he meant everything to me. People say animals don’t live that long, but he did. My turtle lived his childhood with me, my siblings and family. He is considered family. And when time passed and he left, I still remember every second I spent with him. He is still a part of our family. Memories never of him will never pass out. Pictures of him will never be removed. And I say again, he is family. One day in the summer of 2014; in the month of September, I woke up early in the morning ready to get my energy out. After a long sleep at night, I eat my breakfast that consisted of two omelets and a hot sugared milk. And not forgetting to feed my young turtle some shrimps and playing with her. The morning was passing by slowly. the time was ticking ten times slower that the normal time. The fun lasted too long. Remembering how he had grown up with us. Thinking back then when my sister and I spent a lot of times training him many things. And making him an underwater playhouse and a mountain of rocks to climb. And I didn’t forget his favorite toy ever, even though time has passed but I still…show more content…
He felt my sadness in my eyes and also the happiness in my heart. I glided him to the long narrow water puddle. Sliding down on the sand slowly. picturing every moment before the goodbye. My sister’s eyes started to tear. But she constantly wiped them off. As the turtle swam in the water, I flash backed every moment I spent with him, from the moment he became a family member, from the time he stepped into the house, the time he started to get used to us; till this moment. He went a little but far but what happened next was a big surprise to
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