Descriptive Essay On A Walt Disney World

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In April of 2010, my dad, mom, and I traveled to Orlando, Florida. We stayed there for about a little over a week and it was so much fun. On one of the Wednesdays we were there we started off the day by going to Walt Disney World. We began by going through security which nobody likes because it takes a little time out of your day, but it keeps everyone safe so it is an appreciable thing. While we were going through security we saw lots of moms and dads being annoyed by their screaming children. The children were screaming so very loudly it felt like our eardrums were going to burst. Then finally, after a long couple of minutes we got through security with no alarms going off, and we were open to go into the magical Walt Disney World! Once we were inside of Walt Disney World, the first thing we did was take a tour through the Disney Castle. It lit up my eyes because it was so magical and extraordinary. It…show more content…
We had to go to a special place that everyone went so they could perfectly see the fireworks shooting over the castle. When it finally got dark the fireworks started, and we watched them shoot bright and boldly over the castle lighting up the entire sky like the 4th of July. The fireworks boomed so loudly it was like someone hitting a drum right by your ear. The big booming fireworks lit up your eyes so bright with many fetching lights. After we watched the fireworks it was late, so it was time to go back to the villa so we could do more fun stuff the next day. We had to go walk out by the security people again and we saw more crying kids because they did not want to leave. I did not want to leave either because I had such a fun time spending the day at Walt Disney World with my parents. The day was so memorable and such a blast, and I am so grateful my parents took me on that trip to Florida. Going to Walt Disney World and Orlando, Florida itself was an amazing trip that I will never
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