Descriptive Essay On A Wedding

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Viva Las Wedding The warm glow of sunlight rested upon my shoulder, diffused by the intricately crafted windows of the old church. Each pew was filled with guests who began to quiet down as the ceremony began to start. Everything was perfectly fit for a wedding. This however wasn’t my wedding. My wife sat next to me in a delicate dress, and with everything happening, I couldn’t help but to think of our own wedding which had taken place almost five years ago. Ours however didn’t contain all of the fancy elements that were present in this weeding. Instead, our wedding took place in a small wedding chapel, in Las Vegas. I had grown up thinking that Las Vegas weddings were a sham; only for people that weren’t serious about it. It seemed that any wedding that took place in Las Vegas wasn’t real, and was guaranteed to end in an annulment or divorce. I was taught that the people who are married in Vegas are some of the worst, and not people whom I should associate with. So naturally I always looked down on those people, and those places. My (now) wife was raised in a similar fashion as well. When the time came that the two of us began to discuss marriage, Vegas was completely out of the question. The two of us looked at what seemed like hundreds of different places. We looked at venues nearby, and even some far away. Everything was just so expensive, and we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on our wedding. “Something will pop up”, we always said, but nothing

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