Descriptive Essay On Akasha

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Akasha comes from Indian cosmology in the late 19th century and the term means sky in a lot of modern languages. It can also mean space and things in our material world and the term Akasha also descends from one of the elements which are earth, air, fire, and water. To me Akasha means a few different things there is a movie called Queen of the Damned which stars Aaliyah she played a vampire queen named Akasha and the term also means to me things regarding the earth like the clouds in the sky along with water, fire and the air that we breath and also it can mean spirit to me. Akasha can be used in the way that we practice by means of us doing yoga, meditations and also included in the rituals that we do. When we do yoga and meditation we take…show more content…
Since Akasha can also represent spirit one can also have a picture or a statue of a deity and use that as who they are honoring during a ritual. One can even include a picture of a cloud since clouds are in the sky. I would use Akasha by many different ways and those ways are doing my meditations as when we meditate we take deep breaths in and out and we take in the air while doing so. Also I would include Akasha by way of my Altar. On my Altar I would have a feather that represents air, I would have a stature or a picture of a god or goddess that I am honoring or a picture of a cloud from the sky if I couldn’t get a feather. I would also get a pentacle necklace and wear it everyday. If I was casting a circle I would include Akasha as by way of it being my sacred space of the circle. The term Akasha is important to know because we all use all of the elements in our daily life rather it being in spells, rituals, casting circles, doing yoga, meditating and even just bonding with nature. We all breath air to live, we look up at the sky and see clouds, sun and even see birds. Akasha is also important when doing rituals because of the spirit it represents which include the gods and the
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